“He has improved since he started going to Club M. He has not gotten along very well with others kids at his school. Sometimes, he would get into trouble at school or be disruptive while in class. He’s never like that at home, so I wanted him to be exposed to some playmates that might calm him down and help him with social skills.” Parent of Mentee at Club M

What is a mentee?

A student between Kindergarten and fifth grade who is referred by a parent, teacher, counselor, or a caregiver. If a child:

  • attends a Burlington Elementary School,
  • is interested in spending time with an adult or high school volunteer,
  • wants to learn new things and explore life,


  • he/she would be a great mentee at Club M!

The Club M program is free to students of Burlington Community School District and available for children from Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Mentees and mentors meet on Club M Wednesdays each month, for a minimum of one school year, exploring activities in a variety of areas and having childhood “firsts”. The mentor could introduce the mentee to a hobby such as knitting or scrapbooking during their time together. They might play board games or build Lego towns. What they do is never as important as the attention and time a mentor can give the mentee.

Activities matches do together:

  • Play board games (no electronics allowed at Club M)
  • Play with Legos
  • Play basketball, soccer, or baseball
  • Learn a new craft or create a craft project
  • Conduct a science experiment
  • Jump rope or blow bubbles

Is there a waiting list to join Club M?

All mentoring matches are made based on the needs of the youth, what type of mentor would be appropriate for the youth (college aged, senior, high school mentor), and the interests and personality of the youth. The waiting list does not have a number or first-come-first-serve order, it is based on what type of relationship is best for the child.

If you are interested in being a part of our program for yourself or your child, click here for a printable youth application. Or click here for the electronic form.

Feel free to contact the Club M Program Staff either through email at or (319) 753-6791 extension 1413.