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Why join Club M?

Mary’s self-confidence has improved greatly, and so has her ability to express herself. She still has times of being down but they are seldom. Big improvement, a 100% turn-around. I am so glad she is part of a mentoring program!
~ Parent

Match. Mesh. Belong.

When you were young do you remember one person who believed in you? Maybe a coach, a teacher, an aunt? An adult, or an older peer, who took the time to listen to you and encourage you? Some of us are lucky to have that one person in our lives already, others need a program like Club M to introduce them to that one role model, trusted friend, or mentor.

An effective mentoring program following evidence-based standards in mentoring can positively influence a range of outcomes, including improvements in peer and parental relationships, academic achievement, and self-concept, as well as lower recidivism rates among juvenile delinquents. (Davidson & Redner, 1998; LoSciuto, et al., 1996; McPartland & Nettles, 1991; Reisner, et al., 1998). Researchers have found that providing youth with bonds to positive role models is a protective factor that has fostered resilience. One of the most at-risk groups are the unconnected students in their mid-to-late teens, just before they become young adults.  Helping to guide these students by building relationships, developing and practicing skills, and educating them about the negative consequences of bad decisions is an important step towards helping them make more successful decisions and form healthier relationships. This is the foundation of the Burlington Community School District’s Club M program.

Goals and Purpose of Club M:

  • Promote relationship-building social skill development in the students of Burlington Community School District by supporting volunteer mentors who invest their time in younger youth through listening, building trust, establishing relationships, supporting and guiding them.
  • Children enrolled in BCSD’s Club M program will experience positive relationships with others stemming from improvements in intrapersonal, interpersonal strengths, and improved school functioning.

What our mentors say about being a part of a mentoring program…

“Pull me from my shell…. Improved my one-on-one communication…and benefited positively……Make me a better person and future teacher”
—Education Major

“It made me feel good knowing that someone was excited to see me every week….It gave me a sense of comfort and got me used to hanging out with kids so I wasn’t so shy and quiet around them”
—Business Major

“Volunteering is a positive change and it helps you open up and become a better person.”
—High School Student

“He is trusting towards me and very open. We talk about his family and how things are going in school. He is not shy at all now, but in the beginning he was hesitant to tell me certain things. Now, it seems like he tells me everything that is going on in his life that is important to him.”
—High School Mentor

What our parents say about their child in Club M…

“My daughter seems happy when she comes home from the program and I want this to continue for my daughter.”

“He has improved since he started going to Club M. He has not gotten along very well with others kids at his school. Sometime, he would get into trouble at school or be disruptive while in class. He’s never like that at home, so I wanted him to be exposed to some playmates that might calm him down and help him with social skills.”

What our Club M kids say about being in our program …

“Why can’t there be Club M every day of the week?
—4th Grade Mentee

“I love coming to Club M…there are crafts, games, and my friends!
—3rd Grade Mentee

“We have fun here…. and I love doing things with my mentor.”

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