Welcome to Club M!! We are so very excited to have you join our program. This page is JUST FOR YOU! We want to fill this page with resources to help you on your mentoring journey with Club M. Check out the links for resources that are just for youth.

What is mentoring and what will I do at Club M?

Club M is a mentoring program where we place a person (High School Peer or Adult) into your life that have similar interests or hobbies. You are assigned a mentor to spend the school year with you and will listen, support, and just be there for you. They will ask what YOU want to do, what games YOU like to play, and listen to YOU. If you like to play football, we find a mentor for you that could be a high school football player. If you like music and playing the piano, we find a mentor who also likes to do that. Whatever you want to focus on, or talk about, that is who we find for you.

Click here to find out what it is like to have a mentor

Click here to find 40 things you can do with your mentor

Click here for the School-Based Mentee Application (Grades K-4th)

Click here for the Community Based Mentee Application (Grades 5th-12th)